HUD Registered

HUD Owned Properties are not bank foreclosures. HUD does not foreclose on real estate. These properties are sold using a sealed bid; highest net to HUD in most cases could be the winning bidder. HUD does not have to accept a bid if they feel it does not meet their requirements. There are properties for sale across the country. The search offered here is for Florida; at you can search Florida, New York, New Jersey and Ohio. For the first 10 days a property is listed only bidders that will be living in the property as their primary residence may bid. If you bid and win on a property sold to an “Owner Occupant” you must reside in the home for 1 year and you can not purchase another HUD Owned Property for 2 years. If the property does not sell in the first 10 days the bidding will be open to all bidders which include investors.

Charles Rutenberg Realty is registered to sell HUD throughout all Florida counties. Look no further than Charles Rutenberg Realty for your HUD Property needs.

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